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The Wind, by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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Postcards from the Road, 2011- 2017
Victoria Price

Since childhood, Victoria Price has always loved capturing images of her travels.  However, she never thought of herself as a photographer.  Instead, she calls herself and amateur, in the true sense of the word --a devotee and admirer of photography and photographers.  In 2011, Victoria began what has become a seven year journey of mostly living on the road for her work.  The images she captures inspire her to keep looking at the world with fresh eyes and continually to try to see anew.  Through the eyes of love.

She frequently revisits photos she has taken, in order to "listen" to what they are telling her.  She then incorporates what she has heard into the images themselves.  In that intersection of the verbal and the visual, she finds new inspiration --new ways of being present to what is.  

Victoria Price is an inspirational speaker, writer, art historian, art consultant, designer and interspiritual/interfaith minister. 

Victotia tries to liver her life by credo of one of her favorite poets, Mary Oliver:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

After years of showing the work of other artists in her own gallery, creating a show of her own work at the good goat gallery is a dream come true.

Victoria's new book, This One Brave Life, will be published in February 2018.  
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Event Hours:
Opening artist's reception, Saturday June 10th 6pm-10pm
thurs: 1-5
fri: 1-5
sat: 1-4
Show will run through July 15th.  

*also open by  appointment- email:

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Upcoming events

*April through July, Six Degrees of Vincent returns to the good goat, to welcome in Victoria Price's summer show: Learning to See: Postcards from the Road.
All works from this exhibit will be available to take right after purchasing. Proceeds from the sales will go towards a Vincent Price Art Stipend to benefit art students, through the Vincent Price Art Museum.  

*Wednesday, June 7th- A Passionate Eye:  The Adventure of Collecting Art, with Victoria Price.   This is a free event, but seating is limited and tickets are required.  To reserve your seats visit-

*Saturday, June 10th-  Postcards from the Road, 2011-2017
a solo photography exhibit with Victoria Price 6-10pm at the good goat gallery

*Friday, June 15th- POSTPONED TO OCTOBER Vincent Price Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge, 
featuring a special menu from Vincent's cookbook: Come Into the Kitchen.   

Oct. through November 2017-

good goat gallery renovations  
more Vincent Price events
Dia de los Muertos Cleveland collaborations

May 2018- 
Don't Panic! III,  collaborative works by Bob Peck and R!ch Cihlar 

Fall 2018-

Je Suis Amelie



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past events:




a six course wine dinner from: 
                     A Treasury of Great Recipes
                        by Vincent & Mary Price
with limited edition Vincent Price wines.
An intimate and formal event with special guest:  Victoria Price


Time can be our enemy, in so many ways.  
We struggle in life to keep up, make a living and enjoy what we can.  It's tough and sometimes painful when time whizzes by so fast that we can't make any sense of things.   
Throughout history artists have dealt with the subject of time and passing.  Most of us creative types are highly charged with thought and passion towards life.  Time & death are often on our minds. 
When we look back at some of our favorite artists in the past and present we see that they have (often unknowingly) captured time and immortalized a moment in their lives forever.  Their artwork often says "I was here and this is what it was like for me".   
Frozen in Time is a moment captured by an artist and put into a shadow box, to live on forever.  


March 1st through March 31st- 
From Woman- A Celebration of Women's History Month, in collaboration with the Gallery of Lakeland College
detail of "Going to See the River Man", 20"x16" oil painting by A. Nancy Cintron

Strange Face with Your Eyes So Pale and Sincere, 20"x10" oil painting by A. Nancy Cintron

Viva Lucha Libre 
Life is a Circus
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"Success is not the career that you have, but it's the work that you do and enjoy."  -A. Nancy Cintron, smile inducing artist & good goat
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