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River Man by Nick Drake

the good goat gallery
Home Sweet Home

the good goat gallery
17012 madison ave.
lakewood, ohio

Artist: [ahr-tist]
a person who is able to creatively compose a line, shape, color, note, number, letter, or any substance, into some form, that is pleasing to any of the senses.
-the good goat

the good goat gallery will be open during events
with special event hours.
Check event page for times.
Also open for classes/workshops, studio time, and
 open by appointment

If you see something you like anywhere in the website, send inquiries to:
We offer online purchases with PayPal, lay-a-way & ship worldwide.

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"Art is the visual experience of man, 
made exciting by talent
…and the talent belongs to that rarest of all
the artist."  -Vincent Price

                                                                               Programed for Love & Destruction by A. Nancy Cintron

                 … keep your neighborhood beautiful & support the arts

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"be good, do good things"
-the good goat

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