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The Wind, by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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Join us on Saturday, August 3, from 6 to 10pm for In Harmony, a collaborative exhibition by Lizzi Essie and Catherine Reitz, at the good goat gallery in Lakewood, Ohio.

As part of CIA's Creativity Works program, Essie and Reitz are collaborating on an exhibition of paintings, prints and multi-media works that focus on themes of growth and transformation.

Creativity Works is supported by the Fenn Educational Fund of the Cleveland Foundation and the G.R. Lincoln Family Foundation.

 Opening reception 
Sat, August 3, 6pm-10pm  
Event Hours: Wed through Sat 1pm to 5pm
also open by appointment

Special workshops during the run of the show, more details coming soon on class page.

Upcoming events
postponed date TBA: Make Me Laugh, the Inner Clown Show 

Saturday, August 3rd CIA students, Lizie Essi & Catherine Reitz, will have their debut duo art show In Harmony 

September through October 2019 Cleveland Photo Festival 

More events TBA


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past events:

Folk-noir duo Charming Disaster (“Playfully macabre" -Cleveland Scene Magazine) returns to The Good Goat Gallery on
Thursday, May 23 on their "SPELLS + RITUALS" album release tour! They will be joined by local vaudeville legends Pinch and Squeal!
Check out Charming Disaster's music here: “Charming Disaster sound like the music that Pugsley and Wednesday Addams might have made after listening to the Decemberists, Squeeze and some Chopin.” - YES! Weekly
About Charming Disaster:
Brooklyn, NY based musical duo Charming Disaster was formed in 2012 by singer/songwriters Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris. Inspired by the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the noir storytelling of Raymond Chandler, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, they write songs that tell stories, combining vocal harmonies and clever lyrics with ukulele, guitar, and virtuosic foot percussion to explore dark narratives and characters with a playful sensibility. In their critically acclaimed albums Love, Crime & Other Trouble (2015) and Cautionary Tales (2017), they have explored themes like love, death, crime, ancient mythology, and the paranormal. Their song “Ghost Story” was featured on the hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and they have toured around the United States, playing bars, clubs, museums, and the occasional historic cemetery.
About Pinch and Squeal!
Cleveland's own neo-vaudeville sweethearts/big dummies try to charm the pants off ya once again! Clichéd sentimentality, kamikaze alcoholism and old-wheeze jokes, these two knock-out songs you wish you didn't love, tell jokes you wish you couldn't laugh at, and even worse magic. A modern twist on comedy duos throughout history, they've shoved vaudeville kicking and screaming into the 21st century! Pinch and Squeal have opened for Piff the Magic Dragon, Puddles Pity Party, Brian Newman ( Lady Gaga's band leader) to burlesque legends and Transylvanian saxons. Prepare yourself for guaranteed laughter, something in french, and quite possibly a banana puppet.


the macabre folk-noir duo from NYC, 
Coming August 10th, 8pm-11pm at the good goat gallery
Presented by Cleveland's own legendary couple- 
Pinch and Squeal
Check out their music at





a six course wine dinner from: 
                     A Treasury of Great Recipes
                        by Vincent & Mary Price
with limited edition Vincent Price wines.
An intimate and formal event with special guest:  Victoria Price


Time can be our enemy, in so many ways.  
We struggle in life to keep up, make a living and enjoy what we can.  It's tough and sometimes painful when time whizzes by so fast that we can't make any sense of things.   
Throughout history artists have dealt with the subject of time and passing.  Most of us creative types are highly charged with thought and passion towards life.  Time & death are often on our minds. 
When we look back at some of our favorite artists in the past and present we see that they have (often unknowingly) captured time and immortalized a moment in their lives forever.  Their artwork often says "I was here and this is what it was like for me".   
Frozen in Time is a moment captured by an artist and put into a shadow box, to live on forever.  


March 1st through March 31st- 
From Woman- A Celebration of Women's History Month, in collaboration with the Gallery of Lakeland College
detail of "Going to See the River Man", 20"x16" oil painting by A. Nancy Cintron

Strange Face with Your Eyes So Pale and Sincere, 20"x10" oil painting by A. Nancy Cintron

Viva Lucha Libre 
Life is a Circus
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"Success is not the career that you have, but it's the work that you do and enjoy."  -A. Nancy Cintron, smile inducing artist & good goat
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