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Can this Be Love by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

The Inventor
by:  Lindsay Stanley
mixed media clay & acrylic on mounted on wood 
9.5"x18"   $175

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
A. Nancy Cintron


sold "Annabel Lee"
A. Nancy Cintron (Cleveland)
11"x14" oil on wood board 

"But our love it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we-  
Of many far wiser than we-  and neither the angels in Heaven above, 
nor the demons down under the sea, 
can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee..."


A. Nancy Cintron (Cleveland)
12"x12"  graphite and oil paint on wood 

"The expression of the eyes of Ligeia!  How for long hours have I pondered upon it!  How have I, through the whole of a midsummer night, struggled to fathom it!  What was it-- that something more profound than the well of Democritus --which lay far within the pupils of my beloved?  What was it?  I was possessed with a passion to discover.  Those eyes, those shining, those divine orbs!  they became to me twin stars of Leda, and I to them devoutest of astrologers."

Masque of the Red Death
Domenico Scalisi of Nobu Happy Spooky (Italy)
mixed media clay, acrylic fabric

"Virginia's Black Wedding"
Ana Luisa Sanchez (Mexico/Cleveland)
mixed media clay

Black Wedding  (translated from the spanish song Boda Negra)
Listen to the story I heard one day from the town's old gravedigger.  There was a lover that due to bad luck had his sweet beloved taken by the reaper.  Every night he went to the cemetery to visit his beauty's grave.  People whispered mysteriously: he's a dead man escaped from the grave.  
On a horrible night he broke the marble on the abandoned tomb, dug the earth and took the rigid skeleton of his beloved into his arms.  And there in the sad room shaded by the dim light of a funeral candle, he sat the cold remains by his side and celebrated his vows with the dead woman.  He tied the naked bones with ribbons.  The bony cranium he crowned with flowers.  
He covered the horrible mouth with kisses and with a smile he professed his love to her.  
He took his bride to the thalamus mulch and laid beside her in love and he remained forever asleep with the rigid skeleton in his arms.   
-in honor of Edgar's dark life with his unfortunate heart breaks

Alexandra Soury (France) 
mixed media clay, acrylic, fabric 

The Island of Fay
Alexandra Soury (France) 
mixed media photography acrylic  

"She stood erect in a singularly fragile canoe, and urged it with the mere phantom of an oar.  While within the influence of the lingering sunbeams, her attitude seemed indicative of joy, but sorrow deformed it as she passed within the shade.  Slowly she glided along, and at length rounded the islet and reentered the region of light.  'The revolution which has just been made by the Fay,', continued I, musingly, 'is the cycle of the brief year of her life.  She has floated through her winter and through her summer."



Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil  
A. Nancy Cintron
40"x30" oil paint on canvas

"We are the tears that fall from your eyes"
A. Nancy Cintron
36"x25" oil paint on canvas

A. Nancy Cintron
 11"x14" oil paint on canvas

 Brock Winans
fine art photography
13.5"x13.5"  reclaimed elmwood frame

Eterno Metamorphosis
Ana Luisa Sanchez
mixed media clay & acrylic

Gingko #1
Scott Radke
26.5"x24" mixed media clay, acrylic & fabric

Gingko #2
Scott Radke
30"x24" mixed media clay

Dangerous Toys
Sean Jason Kelly
17"x17" mixed media assemblage, wood, acrylic, pastels, & found objects

Red Dress
Renee Fisher  
12"x16"  acrylic on stretched fabric

Renee Fisher 20"x16"
acrylic on stretched fabric

Go Fish:  1%
Bridget Daryl Ginley
12"x12" mixed media assemblage

Baked to Perfection
Patti Luna
12"x10" mixed media clay & acrylic
$150 each
for the pink version  

for the green version  

"I should like to change into a sunflower most of all."
Chad Cochran
mixed media shadow box fine art photography
17"x24"  $225 

Enzo Marra (England)
oil paint on wood
8"x 6"

"Dinner at eight Harold and try to be a little more vivacious."
A. Nancy Cintron
oil paint on canvas

"Like some licorice?"
A. Nancy Cintron
oil paint on canvas


"my odorifics… give the nose a treat."
A. Nancy Cintron & Raven Toney
acrylic on masonite
25" x 19"  

A. Nancy Cintron
oil paint & graphite on masonite



Mudra Maudes
Patti Luna
mixed media clay sculptures
15" to 18" tall
left to right:
Abhaya Maude (Maude the Fearless) SOLD
Yoni Maude (Maude the Lover) $210 

Dharmachakra Maude (Maude the Teacher) $200 

"There's a million ways to be"
Angela Oster
water color & ink

Domestically Dysfunctional Pin-UP Series
A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting on canvas  20"x16"

Domestically Dysfunctional Pin-UP Series
A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting on canvas  20"x16"  

Domestically Dysfunctional Pin-UP Series
A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting on canvas 20"x16"  

by Ana Luisa Sanchez
mixed media clay 17" tall

by Ana Luisa Sanchez
mixed media clay 18" tall

by Ana Luisa Sanchez
mixed media clay 26" tall

Luchadors Like it Muy Fresh
by A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting 20"x16"  

¡Que Caliente!
by A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting 20" x 16"

¿Que Pasa? ¿Que Pasa? ¿Que Pasa?
by A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting 14" x 11"

No Soy de Chihuahua, Pero Amo Los Chihuahuas
by A. Nancy Cintron
oil painting 14" x 11"

Alexandra Soury
mixed media clay art doll with shadow box 8" x 12"

Enchanted Cinder Girl 
Forlorn Dolls
mixed media clay 19" tall

Nora Rose
Forlorn Dolls 
mixed media clay sitting at appr. 17"

Signed Scott Radke Prints $20 eac

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